torstai 3. heinäkuuta 2014

The latest FAD should be not to eat tuna did you know about these FADs?

This has nothing to do with latest crazes we fall in and out of love with thanks to effective marketing tools and good knowledge of human behavior.

Behavior plays an important role in this very damaging activity though. FAD is a devise, which attracts fish to a given spot by means of sound, protective looking debris and so on. Juvenile open water fish are constantly at a lookout for protective floating debris, where they might find some hiding places from larger fish. This has been known by world's fishermen since ancient times. And the huge, industrial fishing ships use this method relentlessly and without the least observation of what fish or other creatures which are attached by the FADs, which in turn are attached to huge floating nets called purse seine nets. 

All kinds of sea creatures are caught up in the floating, FAD-equipped nets, which are left around for weeks or even months; dolphin, sea turtles, whales, whale sharks. Anything living in the open seas! The nets are supposed to catch tuna, but this way of fishing is hurting the tuna populations very severely as well. The purse seine nets used together with the FADs attrackt tuna of course, but tuna of any age thus depleting the juvenile tuna with alarming speed. 

I am wondering seriously, does a person living in over feeding society really, seriously need tuna as sustenance? Could this madness not be ended? Of course it could and very, very easily; six months boycott on industrially fished tuna and this method would be abandoned by every large fishing fleet in the world! What is six months? In a human, overeating, overweight over indulging population six months is nothing, for the seas it could be everything.
Want to know more?   Look what the fad dragged in? 

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